Good Good Times in the South South South

So, I decided to start my own blog. And in doing so, I feel like a jellyfish.

Interesting fact about jellyfish: when they begin to show up in large numbers, it usually means there is a huge problem in the marina. Scientists can confirm this. This is my first real blog, and so I am learning th ropes of it — so far. I did start one a long time ago, but that was what I like to refer to as the “Dark Ages” whereupon I would sit in front of the computer and watch schizophrenic versions of myself play themselves out through HORRIBLE syntax. I’ve learned a lot since then. And that blog was closed down.

Nice Legs. I like legs. I love legs, because you can do so many different things with them. And if these legs happened to be attached to a nice body, carrying a ball of sorts, or wearing a tight red sweater. Then sure. I’m down. And to sum up this little tangent, that is how I feel about blog writing. Blog writing, to be exact. So, this is in essence, my first REAL REAL blog that in all likely circumstances, shan’t be deleted in darkmorning mid-drunk fervor. I wouldn’t say, get up after having fallen asleep on the futon, and decide to delete this, because I just wasn’t able to work things out with my ISSUES. Etc. etc. If you’re bored, just look at the lady above, she’s waiting.

Alright, I will most likely return in the next week or so. Shaun and I are getting a house in the next week, and moving will ensue, etc. Trucks. That sort of thing, and setting it up. Bleh, good times. And hopefully after this, we will stop moving around, because frankly, I’m damn sick of moving. For Christ’s Sakes, Jesus, 75% of my ME is in boxes!

So, till next time, happy passover and stuff.


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