Hey Miss Broadway!

Savage Streets

Better start looking for your lucky stars…

I am challenged to think that we are looking in the wrong place when searching for the troubles that darken the psychology of a technically advanced society. Whereas we are keen to look inward at the individual, we rarely look outward. For instance, you are as much a part of your environment as it is of you, and you will do and behave almost accordingly. For instance, you are more likely to do non-space things when you live in a non-space community.

“If we are interested in the prevention of mental-emotional disorders, we must change those social conditions that produce these disorders,” writes Robert J. Sternberg of Yale University. When juxtaposed against one another in a world “driven by corporate-inspired political conservatism, consumerism, patriarchy, and corrupt exploitative power systems,” it’s hard not to want to release your energies against the powers that be, or in a more extreme and common scenario, against your neighbor.

You don’t, have to do this…

Why does everyone always say the same thing…when John McCain delivers another boring boring speech about how much more organized and efficient he will be in times of turmoil, than our current President who’s name I stopped saying months back? I mean isn’t it obvious that he’s full of supreme shit? Really, people should stop showing up at his parties.


“Uh, huh, I like it…”

Sometimes life can get you down…and in these times full of hardships, the last think you can think about is putting on the running shoes, tights, head/wrist bands, and head out to the gym. But that’s where many people go wrong, because guess what. Nothing beats the blues more than precise fashion skills, flowing hair, riding gym bikes and being consumed by horrific green lighting.


One Response to “Hey Miss Broadway!”

  1. i love when friends write blogs. how are you anthony? i miss your ass.

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