It’s That Time, Again

Who am I

You’re just a computer. You could .. never understand.

I’ve been taking in a lot of weird waves these past few days. Weird waves are good waves, but when the weird waves start to loop, it becomes a weirder wave, and then I buckle. Like, a broken show. Right down the middle. The loop, circles around like a fly buzzing, my brains. Pink melt. I wish I could be more confident when approaching the past. I guess what I’m trying to say is that, I feel like my soul’s interface has been hacked by the Gibson:

Anyhow, I’m getting through it all. Or was, until I found out about Carlin’s Death. Very sad. He actually helped me to stop doing drugs (Snare, SYMBOLS; SNARE). Seriously. I was 14, or 15. And looked like this:


And I was doing all sorts of drugs because I thought that’s how it had to be, you know, on account of my being a product of weird, parental abandonment issues. ANYHow. I was watching one of Carlin’s stand up routines, when he said something to the effect of, “Your body knows when it’s done with a particular drug…” It was at this point that I realized, ACID was done with me at this point. I blame acid for my emotional awkwardness. Notwithstanding, I moved on, unlike some people.


No, that’s not what I meant.

Well what did you mean? Is this a game to you?

Listen guys, get a room.


So, you just think you can come here, and things will be alright, like nothing happened?

That’s not what I’m saying, you’re not listening.

Then what are you say–

Please, guys, trying to drink.

“Stay out of this Blinkie.”

“Yeah Blinkie, or it’ll be like that one time! Why don’t you and your quite weird friend make like a tree and leave… Jesus…”

So, is this it then?

Is what it?

This, wait. That’s weird.


That guy’s taking pictures of us.

Way to change the subject.


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