This isn’t real. This isn’t real. This isn’t real…

I have a few questions for myself: Why. Would. You. Drop/Drugs. At 4am? Why? Who does that? I don’t know. There were so many reasons why I talked myself into doing this, that I realized, I am THAT GUY. “Hey, let’s be rockstars, and fuckin’ drop some DRUGS!” Perhaps the best part of it all has to do with the fact that I don’t do drugs. Like I had something to prove? Like I have something to give!?

Life Decisions 2008

Anyhow. After about 1 homemade pancake, 2 cups of coffee, 40-minute east Texas yearbook explorations and introspective thoughts as to why I should have grown up in either east Texas or Queens, like all of the other really wonderful people in my life, and a bike ride home that I will not soon forget, I feel substantial, relieved, and totally subconscious.

September 11th.

As I write this now, I am still pretty much aware that dropping 15-year old drugs at 4am while talking about how rockstar it is to be sooooo clueless yet sooo completely approachable; filled with adult beverages and memories that confuse even me; is all some hoax to get me out of doing my daily routine and fulfilling my civil responsibilities. I am left with one 2-part question: “How can I make this day, the weirdest day of my life; and if it came in musical format (which it does), what would it sound like?”


4 Responses to “TIME MANAGEMENT”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    So how is your soundtrack of the day coming along? It really should include horns.

  2. Shazza de Crew Says:

    So how is your soundtrack of the day coming along? It really should include horns.

  3. Perhaps the hoax is feeling obligated towards daily routines and fulfilling civil responsibilities

  4. we should have been friends in like 2001 when i frequently “dropped drugs” at 4 in the morning. but then again, you might have dropped me as a friend, when i broke out the glow sticks….oh so embarrassing.

    your blog, as always, was “rockstar”

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