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Periscoping into Your Face

Posted in Social Studies on February 28, 2009 by polarbearface

Sometimes it’s a form of love just to talk to somebody that you have nothing in common with and still be fascinated by their presence. ” – David Byrne


I’m drinking a beer right now, it’s 5:30 in the afternoon on a Saturday, the wind’s blowin’ hard as all the devil’s little whores outside, and I woke up on both sides of the bed… I am not a fan of speaking in cryptic messages and working my abs out on tacos and beers for several hours on hand. But I am a fan of working my magic-staying alive powers. Furthermore, the beer I’m already done with, is a  Lonestar, and it says a lot about my financial status as a student that can’t seem to move his calorie intake past the +/- 5 lb. ratio. “If only I had been beaten severely as a child, and had had the will to work out all major muscle groups vigorously in hopes of defeating my inner demons…” I say to myself most mornings these days. FUCK demons. I wanna eat.


I live my life like I can’t die.  And it works.


The above is a curiously dangerous idea. But it does work. If you live your life like you’re an invincible being from another galaxy (but still under went differential reproductive process), you’ll eventually come to the conclusion that living is just as easy fine as dying. And all the stuff in between is based on 1 prime-time thing: Fuckin’. If only we had a button to which we could all just get a fuck in during our busy, mega-worried lives. I’m fairly sure, were this button to exist, we could most certainly solve the over-population problem. And war. But probably not a zombie attack.


I wasn’t a sex symbol, I was a sex zombie. ” – Veronica Lake


You know, more than anything, I would love to live through a zombie attack. I think that this sort of thing is needed in many people’s lives. Especially those who have recently suffered/surrendered to the financial DOWNTURN/depression. What could help people feel good about themselves? Did someone say, Zombie Attack? More importantly, if this happened, A) population density would drastically change for the better; B) You can finally have the chance to be a real hero/oine; C) With all of the people gone, you’re going to have much more time to read the latest books. Let’s be honest, we’re all secretly waiting for this…



The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep. ” – Robert Frost


Where I live, it’s dinner time.



Our House Is Multidemensional

Posted in Dreams on February 9, 2009 by polarbearface

“What then is time? If no one asks me, I know what it is. If I wish to explain it to him who asks, I do not know.”

– Saint Augustine


I have no idea why we do the things we do, why we live the way we do, and how we continue to ignore our fears, our dreams, and yes, even our desires. When you cross into other worlds, other cycles of reality, you become a different thing. A different kind of animal. Not homo-sapien, but of the homo genus. And many times, when you return to the time portal in your house, you’ll have to dust off the cosmic dust that’s accumulated on your shoulders and face.


“Fair peace becomes men; ferocious anger belongs to beasts.”

– Ovid


Of what I can remember, it was the things that I saw, that made the most sense. There were 4 of us, and we were travelers through space and time, through the lowest astral planes an experience can give forth; our cosmic glowing dust was purple and thick, dark and powerful pictures of the human experience. But when you’re human, these things seem normal…it’s when you’re unhuman that these things appear to be very foreign, and seemingly very dangerous. When you’re unhuman, you believe in the colors, and speak in the language of interconnected imagery. You believe in the sounds; the chase. And although you are not human, you are still of primitive nature. And in this primitive nature, you seek wisdom from the earth.


“From my rotting body, flowers shall grow and I am in them and that is eternity.”

– Edvard Munch


When in this area of the transparent mind, often you will feel like battling a great force. This force is from within, and entangled with your experiences. But it is the unbalance of this force that makes you capable of moving through the worst…consequence and relation. Consequence from exerience, and relation to the reality of consequence. Because there is this unbalance, this duality, you are forced by nature, to confront the force. To deal with the force in your own unique manner.

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.”

– Robert Frost

Where is the now? You’ve awakened from your weary and long night traveling, and now you seek rest. Work wants you, people need you, life is demanding…but you are tired; the energy spent moving from one dimension to the other is a rigorous thing. Your friends are there, they have all returned, and become themselves once again. The journey has ended, and like wearing a nametag and uniform at work, you resume your roll as a human being. Until the next time, that is, when the ceremony  demands your presence.

Weekend Worriers

Posted in Ennui on February 1, 2009 by polarbearface

“Future me with — authentic Caucasian beard extensions.”

Going to school is pretty fun. I have to admit, getting books, talking to counselors, financial aid process (doing taxes), dorm parties, hanging out with underage drinkers (who are proficient in talking about strong philosophical approximations), and soaking in the intense intellectual ardor of Sylvia Plath through the eyes of a freshman young adult is nothing but PRECIOUS. Nonetheless, this weekend, has been good. And I didn’t lose anything important. Just my dignity.


“Men are like steel. When they lose their temper, they lose their worth.” (Chuck Norris)

Moreover, last night, I watched a vicious UFC fight. It was raw, intense, graceful, and at the same time, twisted. The fight was between a beloved fighter named George St. Pierre (GSP for short); and another guy named BJ Penn (largly considered a d-bag in many social circles). I like to watch these things. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve weened myself over the years of trash-tube footage (the Internet is amazing and renowned for finding PRETTY MUCH ANYTHING); or if I just have realized the need to learn how to fight like a ninja. For details, click here. Oh, and mind the Quebecois rap music — very inspirational. 



A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and gets to bed at night, and in between he does what he wants to do. ” (Bob Dylan)


I should be studying now. It’s true. I have so much to study for, and yet, here I am writing a blog here. I wish I didn’t have to be doing this…but I felt the strong need to write. Perhaps this need sprung forth through my recent encounter with the idiosyncratic demeanor that first-year college students often project  like a beacon of soft burning naiveté? my love of writing songs about Quilts, Bear Bells, Bears in Boxes, and other such complicated or meaningless contraptions? or was it because I have mastered some area of my life…and want to talk about me? You know, I really should be writing my poor incarcerated cousin…


“All is vanity…” (Charles Allan Gilbert)

I had the opportunity to meet a new person the other day, and in this meeting (we’d been drinking, etc); I asked to her, “What part of yourself would you want to change the most, if you indeed wanted to change it?” She replied, “I’m vain. It’s true…I’m philistine…it’s sad..I wish I wasn –” I cut her off, “Yeah, Israel, jeez…I can’t express how much my heart goes out to your family…extended family..”

She thinks I’m stupid. And I think she’s right. In all actuality, this weekend’s been a good reminder to:

  1. Brush up on Israel
  2. Buy groceries
  3. Don’t keep a loaded weapon in the house
  4. Get belt buckle fixed