Hi! Welcome to the thing. I’m Polarbearface, and if you’re upset with me about something, please feel free to write me.

Moving on, I’d like to go ahead and thank you for viewing this site. I’ll try my best to keep it up to date, but there are many times when I am in the music studio, smothering myself in the rich warm tones of analog circuitry.

If you have any interest of explaining to me your personal relationships, dreams, need help in understanding the virtue of social justice, or just want to hear yourself talk, please send me an email.



2 Responses to “About”

  1. YO! So this is your website WANKA?!!! I am reporting it for being TOTALLY SHITE.


    Whats new old bean?

  2. polarbearface Says:

    Hells bells, Johnny Wanker, you know it. It’s going well, all too well…but at least it’s not the dark days of winter Hustle-City, USA. Keepin’ it real in southside mate.

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